More than 40 Dolphins Found Beached in Japan

Sources disclose that eight dolphins have been found beached around the Tokyo beaches during sunrise on Tuesday.

These dolphins have a couple of nicknames, such as melon-headed whales, little killer whales, and Electra-dolphin. According to the locals, they were found in a state where they struggled to breathe.

“I felt sorry for all those weak dolphins that had washed ashore, and we still don’t know why they were stranded there,” Saito explained to VICE World News.

Four of the eight found were dead, and the remaining were released back to the ocean. The day before, 33 dolphins were discovered beached a few hundred metres away. Saito said people who were passing by and surfers attempted to transport or roll the mammal toward an ocean, but only two died during the rescue.

The news of dolphins being washed up on Japanese beaches comes in the wake of similar reports of dolphin and whale deaths across the globe.

Since the beginning of December, 23 dead whales were been spotted ashore along the U.S. east coast. Scientists from France have also seen nine hundred dead dolphins found along the nation’s Atlantic coastline since the beginning of winter. This has prompted the highest court order to the government to limit fishing in specific zones.

Within South Korea, a whale carcass was discovered in March. Authorities claimed there was no evidence of an illegal or illegal mammal capture. This carcass belonged to a Bryde’s Whale, which is a threatened species.

The researchers are still trying to determine the reason why whales and dolphins have been getting washed up on beaches.

Within the U.S., the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recognized vessel collisions, an entanglement of fishing equipment, and the changing water temperature as the main threats for Humpback whales which are often found dead along the coast of the east coast of the country.

In Japan, The National Museum of Nature and Science will conduct autopsies on dolphins to study the causes of the deaths of these animals, Saito said.


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