How do you distinguish Japanese, Koreans and Chinese Just From Appearance?

Are you able to tell whether someone is from a particular nation? Most people across the globe need help figuring out what to tell between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. To avoid embarrassing yourself by assigning someone as something they’re not, we’ll attempt to show some commonalities and distinctions between these three groups of people. Similarities … Read more

A 4-Year-Old Japanese Lolita Is Getting Popular On Instagram

These days, A 4-year-old Japanese Lolita is getting popular on Instagram. This little girl wears different shapes everyday and her photos are posted on Instagram by her mother, called Ayaka, a Japanese professional dietitian. Ever since Ayaka gave birth to her daughter who aroused Ayaka’s girl heart. She dressed up for her daughter every day. … Read more

Japanese Mom Captures Her Life With Her Twins And Triplets And It’s Just Too Adorable

Have five children – one set of triplets and one set of twins – might sound crazy and messy, right? But when asked to describe her life with 4-year-old triplets and almost 7-year-old twins in one word, the Japanese mom Sachina offered two: “organized chaos.” The mom is interested in children’s fashion and loves dressing … Read more

This Japanese Diver Really Does Treat Fish Like Friends, Not Food

These days, with all the different animals people have as pets, it seems like any species could be man’s best friend. We’ve seen people make strong bonds with creatures from bubbly, playful lizards to super cuddly baby elephants. As long as there’s a sense of trust between the two and they both show some sort … Read more

Japanese Pottery Master Shows Off The Finesse That Goes Into His Beautiful Crafts

  It’s always fascinating to watch an artist at work, especially when their craft is something we ordinarily wouldn’t see in-process. You can practically see the gears in their minds shifting while they add all the tiny, perfect details to their design. For example, artist Thijme Termaat’s panoramic painting is exhilarating to behold on its … Read more

Japanese Zoo Builds A Swimming Pool For Elephants So Visitors Can Watch Them Have Fun

  We’re already halfway through the summer, and if the heat index is anything to go by, it’s been a hot one! Every chance I get, I am either at the beach cooling off in the ocean, or dunking in my friend’s swimming pool! I can’t make it through the heat without some form of … Read more

Japanese Men Strap On 16-Pound Vests To Finally Understand Struggles Of Pregnancy

    Pregnant women put up with a lot of things that men and women who have never been pregnant can’t possibly understand. To sympathize with pregnant women as well as working and stay-at-home moms, three Japanese governors have donned “pregnancy suits” to get a feel for what it is like to be pregnant. While … Read more