8 Interesting Japanese Train Stations That Stand Out

Japanese trains are one of a kind. The public can fully depend on it to get them to work on time without any delay. When you’re getting in and out, do you take the time to look at the station’s intricate design and exteriors? If you want to learn more about the station, here are 12 of Japan’s most intriguing railway stations, sure to delight you.

Chubu Region

1. Noto-Kashima

Take awe-inspiring photos of gorgeous blossoms when your train approaches the Nato-Kashima Station! In springtime, every year, the station’s 100 cherry blossom trees bloom to life and bring hues of pink and white to the town’s rural setting in Anamizu. At this time of year, many people visit the station to participate in hanami, a tradition allowing locals to view and enjoy full-bloomed cherry trees.

In the evening, the station hosts a cherry blossom celebration that allows visitors to indulge in different celebrations under the lights of the trees.

Apart from the monument, The station’s layout incorporates woodwork with a beautiful yet delicate style. Walking along the concourse, you’ll also see 24 cypress wood pillars adorned with artifacts representing Kanazawa’s rich craftsmanship and woodwork history.

3. Nobeyama

With an elevation of 1,346m, Nobeyama Station lies at the highest altitude for any station run by Japan Railways. In contrast to other train stations across Japan, It gets busy at night, as people flock there to see the famous nighttime stargazing sky. The station is inside the Yatsugatake Mountain Range, and the surrounding mountains can block light interference from urban areas. This creates a great setting to gaze into the night sky.

If you’re interested in experiencing this, get on one of the train services High Rail 1375, and travel between Komoro Station and Kobuchizawa StationTrains that run at night are stopped at Nobeyama Station for an hour, where you can take part in the free guided stargazing tour. At this time, the city office shuts off the park and street lighting to allow visitors to better appreciate the evening sky.

4. Okuōikojō

Okuoikojo Station takes the cake for being one of the best stations located in Japan to take in Shizuoka‘s beautiful mountain ranges. It is perched on cliffs leading to the central Oi River. It is only accessible via train on the Ikawa route or by taking one narrow pathway along the track.

In addition, there are some things you could perform at the remote station too! The platform behind it is a cozy cottage with an observation deck. If you’re here with a partner, make sure you ring the “Happy Bell” with your partner at this deck. The spirits of the cliff will bless the two of you.

Chugoku Region

5. Nagatoshi

Imagine waiting for your train to be on time when you spot 20 miniature gates Torii sat on top of an unoccupied track. The gates were constructed just two years ago; Nagatoshi Station‘s gates gained fame due to the social media campaign it featured. The gates are inspired by those of the Motonosumi Shrine, one of the famous tourist spots in the region with a collection of vermilion-coloured tori gates which overlook the ocean. For families who want to come to the station, they have thrill rides that let kids speed by and inspect the tori gates.

6. Koi-Yamagata

This station will leave you in aweKoi Yamagata Station is among only four railway stations located in Japan that bear the kanji symbol meaning “love.” The nation also began the “Love Station Project,” which provided the station with its modern pink-coloured decor. Other love-themed elements were added, like the love letter mailbox and a memorial for guests to write their messages in the shape of hearts ema (wooden memorials).

Kansai Region

7. Torokko Hozukyō

The third station on the Sagano Scenic Line, Torokko Hozukyo Station, offers stunning panoramas that overlook Kyoto‘s Hozukyo Ravine and Hozu River. Formerly an element of the Sanin Main Line, This line was made, preserved, and outfitted by nostalgic trains of the old days.

Furthermore, because the station is near the well-known Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Tourists and locals go to the area due to the beautiful fall colours and the fresh air.

Kanto Region

8. Kamakurakōkōmae

8 interesting Japanese train stations

Surrounded by the shimmering seas that flow into Sagami BayKamakurakokomae Station is a famous tourist place not because of its beaches but due to this famous railway crossing just in front of the station. It was featured in the debut of the cult show of the same name, Slam Dunk; this intersection draws huge numbers of tourists on weekends and during holiday weekends.

Numerous visitors bring their cameras, trying to capture the same scene using the same ocean, track crossings, and gorgeous blue train.


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