AI Girlfriends Going Viral On Japanese Twitter

AI-based technologies continue to increase in number and usage, and a new trend is overtaking Japanese Twitter: AI-generated girlfriends. They are virtual beauties that draw users’ attention through unique concepts and engaging dialogues. In recent times, a trend known in the form of “AI美女 ” (AI bijo) as well as “AIグラビア” (AI glamour models) has been taking Japanese Twitter to the forefront. These are the terms used to describe the increasing number of virtual girls created by AI and the correspondingly increasing number of people who interact with the models. Let’s learn more about these AI girlfriends.

The fictional idea of a robot partner is no longer the sci-fi. One of the hottest trends in Japan is artificially generated beauty, which can now build up massive numbers of fans. With advanced algorithms, these digital objects are made to mimic human-like interactions, emotions, and physical appearances, giving users an experience that is personalized and immersive. These non-existent women appear on social media channels daily; however, some apps combine AI-generated images with AI-chatbot technology to provide users with the same experience as the real-world interaction of humans.

The phrase AI美女, which translates to “AI beauty” in English, refers explicitly to the virtual girls created by artificial intelligence. They are developed to imitate the traits and attributes of the ideal romantic partner and to meet the needs and desires of the users. In addition to engaging in discussions and showing affectionate gestures, AI girls aim to offer emotional and companionship.


A user name that fits her robotic roots (a mix-up of bizarre alphabets and numbers), the Twitter user named ” Tanabe” is among the most extensive AI-girlfriend profiles to date and has over 123,000 followers.

Although Tanabe is one of the most popular accounts, the idea behind most AI girlfriend profiles are similar. The accounts post photos of artificially created women, almost always wearing revealing clothes (with enormous body proportions) and random photos about their days. It could be anything from their clothing to the temperature and occasionally even explicit comments.

The account’s specialization on a singular model sets the Tanabe apart from others. Although some accounts have different AI models or are having trouble making the style of one girl in line, Tanabe’s look and body look almost identical throughout the posts. But, since AI is getting more powerful daily, they’ll polish the model for consistency overtime.

Although Tanabe and other accounts similar to such have received plenty of negative reviews, they’ve also gained a loyal group of users who love the emotional stimulation and camaraderie they provide. Users express gratitude for the discussions they participate in with their AI partner and the opportunity to be exposed to different perspectives and ideas.


Accounts similar to Ai are focused on posting inspirational messages and lewd images. The AI girl in sloppy clothes often attracts tired employees with positive messages such as:

“Good morning, I hope you have a great day today!” or “It was a long week; I’m sure you’ve worked very hard.”

The account, as well as many others, specifically targets a particular group of people. This segment appears to be common across Japan: salaried workers who work all day long. Although one might think that posting a photo with encouraging words might be ineffective in bringing joy to workers when they are done with tiring work, the sheer number of people who follow these accounts tells a different story.

Hundreds of accounts perform the same task, with followers ranging from the thousands to hundreds of thousands. But, whether these online women are aiding in relieving exhausted office workers or continue to afflict a shrinking populace with their online compassion is an issue that has been the subject of extensive debate.

Although the number of AI companions in Japan is growing, this trend has also become controversial. As virtual friends become more widespread and sophisticated, the concern is growing. These are the most critical concerns regarding adverse effects on Japanese society.

There is a risk of AI friends causing the feeling of isolation and dependence. Being dependent on only virtual friends for support and emotional and social interaction could hinder people from seeking and maintaining relationships with real people. It is easy to interact with AI girls, and their individualized responses can create a false sense of connection, but it is not the same as the real human connection.

Another issue is the possible objectification of females through AI girls. AI美女 and the AIグラビア trend focus on developing virtual companions that cater primarily to a male base. The dynamic is a source of concern for reaffirming gender roles and the continuing societal expectation concerning women’s appearances, behaviour and looks.


Consent and privacy are of prime significance when interacting with AI friends. When people interact with these entities, personal data and other data are gathered and processed. In the future, the developers must prioritize users’ privacy to ensure consent is given for data use and storage. In addition, users should be aware of the dangers of sharing their data with AI organizations. They could be at risk of abuse or exploitation.

Incorporating AI friends into one’s daily life can have implications for the real-life relationship. The time and emotional investment in virtual relationships can hinder the process of building and maintaining lasting bonds with your family, friends and romantic partners. The balance between real and virtual relationships is essential to ensure you don’t miss vital human interactions and friendships.

In the present, as AI technology is constantly evolving, it is becoming increasingly possible for AI friends to provide different aspects of human interaction becomes more apparent. From emotional support to engagement with the intellect, These virtual friends can create customized experiences to meet the preferences of users and their needs.

It is essential to monitor the ethical and moral issues concerning AI girlfriends. Finding the right balance between genuine human relationships is critical to maintaining happy and healthy friendships. AI girls should be a complement to real-world interactions, not replace them.

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