Best Cosplays From Japan Expo 2022 In Thailand

Numerous anime festivals and conventions are coming back to life around as we slowly recover from the pandemic. And more cosplayers from around the world are now keen to show off their work. This year Bangkok was the host of an event called the Japan Expo 2022 dedicated to Japanese culture.

The event was attended by a lot of talented cosplayers. Here are some of them who stood out among the crowd courtesy of Nathalang.

Hololive: Shirogane Noel
Cosplayer: Shutter Fon


FateGO. Mashu Racing ver.
Cosplayer: WifeKirei – Cosplay


IG: Pandorizzx_sama
Hololive: Shion


Hololive: Mio
Cosplayer: Beam Sama


Gurren Lagan: Yoko Litter
Cosplayer: Moiichan



Hu Tao : Genshin  Impact

FB: Voraporn Lertsakdumrongkul 


OCHACO : My Hero Academia 

FB: Chanoknun Palagawong Na Ayudhya



REM : Re: Zero

FB: Dai Cosplayer




Sniper Mask : High Rise Invasion

FB: Miti Nopnirapath



Chesire : Azur Lane

FB: Poppuri Angel 


MIKU : Black Rock Shooter

FB: Waterhoes



AKI : Chainsaw Man

FB: ゼンゼン ZenZen



Here’s also a well done video with the cosplays and editing effects by Mineralblu


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