Inokashira Park’s Spring Season Is A Sight You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Japan’s spring is the most beautiful season. One of the contributing factors is the large number of cherry blossom trees in Japan that slowly cover the country as they spread northwards, a process called “sakura Zensen.” Danilo Dungo, a photographer, captures the vibrant bursts of Tokyo’s cherry blossoms from an aerial view.

It’s a beautiful sight to see the explosion of pale pink petals. But did you know that there is more to their beauty than meets your eye? Cherry blossoms are Japan’s national flower. It is a cultural icon revered worldwide for its beauty and enduring expressions of life, death, and renewal.

Japan takes the arrival of the blossoms very seriously. Each spring, Danilo Dungo spends his time photographing Inokashira park in Tokyo while the blossom slowly takes root. Here are his best shots from the past few years. More images can be found on his National Geographic page.


Danilo captured an essential photo of the cherry blossoms’ final blooming season. The petals had fallen onto the water of the lake. The water became utterly pink, and it almost looked like someone had covered the lake with cherry blossom petals. The timeless metaphor of human existence, the Japanese cherry blossoms, is tied to Buddhist themes such as mortality, mindfulness, and living in the moment. The blooming season is beautiful, intoxicating, and powerful. However, it is also short-lived. This visual reminder reminds us that our lives are fleeting. We should not forget to celebrate our passing time here on earth with the same passion and joy. We don’t take the time to enjoy life, even when it is short-lived. Cherry blossoms remind us that it is time to pay attention. Beauty surrounds us.

Cherry blossoms (Sakura) at the Inokashira Park in Tokyo. Inokashira Park straddles Musashino and Mitaka in western Tokyo.

Source: Devami Burda

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