Demon Slayer Jack-O-Lanterns Are Sure To Lighten Up Your Halloween!

While trick-or-treating might be limited this year due to concerns about social distancing, there will be those who would like to share Halloween by placing an ol’ jack-o’-lantern outside of their home.

Carving pumpkins isn’t an aspect of Japanese tradition, and you’d need to have a friend from outside of Japan to view one in the flesh. In this instance, we have a reason to showcase some great pumpkins since they’re inspired from anime!

Demon slayer pumpkin Carving

Jen Cheung and her husband Geoffrey’s interest in anime and artistic abilities are evident for everyone. The time of Halloween is when both of them find expression in the fantastic jack-o’-lanterns. The couple this year picked Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba to create an assortment of pumpkins, each of which represents one of the main characters in the tale.

Demon Slayer Pumpkin Carving


Demon Slayer Jack-O-Lantern Nezuko
Let’s look closer at these jack-o’-lanterns that demonstrate cutting-edge carving techniques!



This isn’t the only time the couple has made incredible anime-themed jack-o’-lanterns. Here are two of their previous work:



Source: Grapee

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