Koi Fishes Thrive In Clean Drains Of Shimabara City of Japan

Can you imagine a country being so clean to the point that you can see fish living and bathing in the street drain canal? Whatever your answer may be to that, the Shimabara city of the Kyushu island is a place where you can witness such a phenomenon.

In terms of hygiene and cleanliness, Japan is at a completely different level. Wherever you go in Japan, you will see students cleaning their classrooms on their own. They also volunteer to clean around the community once a month. Local communities celebrate the harvest and clean up the remaining waste. Local communities also come together to clean localities. 

Every household takes out the trash with a long separating of burnable, recyclable, and organic waste. You can’t randomly throw out your old electronics since you need to make an appointment with your local municipality to take out stuff like refrigerators and whatnot.

Well, all that aside, the story of having Koi fishes, who are known to live only on clean water, thriving on drains in a city of Japan is 100% true. In Shimabara city ( City of Water), water comes from geysers around the volcano and is very clean and cool.

In 1972, the local authorities planned the drainage system specifically and released more than a hundred Koi fish to promote tourism. Now about a thousand Koi fishes live in these drains, and some are even 50cm long.

This city has definitely become a “must-visit spot for tourists” these years. Even the locals are proud of these fishes and take every step they can to maintain hygiene.

Take a look at these magnificent images from around the city:
















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