Xbox To Expand Its Collection Of Japanese Games

Xbox wants to make a big impact in Japan!

Microsoft has been actively extending the their platform. Beyond the Western market, this also applies to other areas. The Asian market has long been dominated by Microsoft’s rivals. Japan, in particular, is regarded as the birthplace of PlayStation and Nintendo.


Nevertheless, Microsoft has recently noticed a resurgence in this area. Microsoft has used cutting-edge strategies combining the Game Pass and the Xbox Series S to increase its market share. Additionally, Phil Spencer pointed out that, in the region where their console continues to perform well, first-time purchasers make up 50% of all sales.

Microsoft’s intentions to enter the Japanese market in the future have also been alluded to in a recent Tokyo Games Show statement. Sarah Bond, who oversees the Xbox Creator Experience, said that they will keep adding new Japanese games to the store.

Xbox Series S
Regarding titles like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon (They were created and published by Microsoft specifically for the Xbox 360.), a fan inquired about the future of Japanese video games on Xbox.

Microsoft is actively attempting to work with the Japanese video gaming sector. She stated:

Right now, around 250 developers are working on XBOX games in Japan. We had to announce that 15 titles were made in Asia and 13 were made in Japan and 150 have been shipped, and 100 are available on Game Pass.”

Persona 5

For the platform, the Tokyo Titles Show 2022 has unveiled several thrilling Japanese games. Guilty Gear Strive and other games like it will be coming to Xbox, adding the enormous selection of games available through Game Pass. Soon, the site will also host popular JRPGs like Persona 5.

As a way to expand even further in the Japanese market, Microsoft has started to use exclusive discounts and promotions in conjunction with the Xbox Series S. For a limited time, They are also giving Japanese customers who buy an Xbox Series S a 5,000 Yen gift card.

50000 yen Gift card

Although some fans may already find this appealing, Sarah Bond’s response also holds positive promise for the Xbox future in Japan. She went on to say,

And in the future, there will be a great deal more. As it starts to come out, I CAN’T WAIT TO REVEAL IT.

Microsoft is currently working to contact as many people as it can. Japan has always played a big role in the business, and Microsoft’s recent success there appears to have inspired the corporation to make additional improvements to its game selection.

Source: tech4gamers

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