“My Teenage Girl”‘s Winners Will Debut In Japan Under Universal Music

Universal Music Studios have finally agreed to debut the winners of MBC’s “My Teen Girl” in Japan!

“My Teen Girl” auditions are a show where aspiring idols compete for the chance of being a part of a new girl group. The show started with 83 contestants. Seven members will make up the final debut group. The contestants will be taught by Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and (G-I-DLE) ‘s Jeon Seyeon, Fin. K.L’s Ock Hyun and Aiki from “Street Woman Fighter.”

On 24th of January the show announced that even though the competition is still ongoing and the final members of the group have not been selected, MBC has been successful to sign them with Universal Music in hopes of promoting Japan. Universal Music was responsible for the Japanese debuts of KARA and the Girls’ Generation.

my teen teenage girl

“My Teen Girl,” meanwhile, is gaining momentum as it enters the final weeks of its run. This past week, Good Data Corporation’s most talked-about non-drama shows ranked the survival show at the top of Good Data Corporation’s latest list.

If you’re interested in the show and where it’s heading, click here!

My teenage girl


Source: Soompi

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