Infamous Demon Slayer Cosplayers Gets Arrested For Anti-Mask Campaigns

Everyone was wearing masks; people maintained social distance, many stood in the lines to get their vaccine while others rushed to empty the toilet rolls on the department shelves. We saw most people in long lines all day for vaccines, while some took their anti-vax riots to the streets.

It has really exposed some of the darkest parts of humanity, or rather the dumbest parts of humanity, which you once thought was a level-headed, wise adjusted person who had some level of common sense turned out to be an anti-vaxxer, to be anti-covert Similar. The incident also took place in parks and streets across Japan. One particular member of society took this anti-vaccine movement to the extreme.

Japanese Anti Vaccine Cosplayer Arrested

This infamous Japanese cosplayer went above and beyond than he needed to show that he’s against masks. This dude cosplayed as the Fire Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku from the renowned Demon Slayer and went to the latest Comiket without wearing a mask! That’s not of a big deal, you might say, but the thing is, this year especially, they made sure that without a mask, no one would be allowed inside, so he snuck there somehow.

Demon Slayer Cosplaying Anti Masker Gets Arrested

He didn’t just sneak into Japan’s most popular and crowded Otaku event, and he also started promoting anti-mask campaigns inside the venue. So, to no surprise, this man immediately got surrounded by tons of staff and got questioned a lot about how he snuck in and why he isn’t wearing a mask. Since he failed to provide any info, authorities immediately kicked him out.

Japanese anti masker gets arrested

His campaigns don’t just stop here. Since he wasn’t satisfied, he again tried to hold no-mask campaigns every Sunday in the Yamanote Train line and invited people to join him through Twitter. He even went ahead and asked people to bring “self-defense tools” if they wanted, we hope that by the tools he actually didn’t mean weapons, which are entirely illegal in Japan even to own! Fortunately, internet users reported him immediately to the authorities, and he got arrested in Shinjuku Station.

Not only are internet users mad, but Rengoku’s fanbase is also entirely triggered by his move. Demon Slayer is on the trend right now like never because of season 2, and this cosplayer seems to think that cosplaying is a very inspiring character and committing such crimes.



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