A Third Of University Students In Japan Use ChatGPT

Around 32 per cent of the university students surveyed in Japan claimed to have utilized artificial intelligent chatbots ChatGPT, and many of them said ChatGPT improves their thinking skills in a recent study conducted by a Japanese research organization. ChatGPT was most commonly used by students from the Department of science technology, Environment and Agriculture, … Read more

Japan Raises Age Of Consent From 13 To 16

Age of consent raised in Japan

The age limit for consent in Japan was increased from 13, one of the world’s lowest, to 16 in the last session of parliament on Friday, as legislators approved important reforms to the sex crime law. These reforms, which clear the requirements of prosecution for rape and make voyeurism criminal, were approved by the parliament’s … Read more

Japanese Words & Pronunciation For Clothing

Japanese vocabulary for fashion

The global popularity of Japanese fashion attracts numerous visitors to Japan who specifically seek to immerse themselves in the distinctive cultural aspects of its clothing. If you are considering a trip to Japan to explore its fashion scene, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the Japanese terminology related to clothing. The following lists … Read more

The Human Toll of the Tokaimura Incident: Hisashi Ouchi’s Story

Researchers from all over the globe are always keen to learn more about radiation ever since it was first discovered and then employed as a nuclear weapon. They’ve conducted a great deal of studies to discover the impact it has on living creatures. Throughout all these years, the focus was on animals for obvious reasons. … Read more

How do you distinguish Japanese, Koreans and Chinese Just From Appearance?

Are you able to tell whether someone is from a particular nation? Most people across the globe need help figuring out what to tell between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. To avoid embarrassing yourself by assigning someone as something they’re not, we’ll attempt to show some commonalities and distinctions between these three groups of people. Similarities … Read more

Echoes of Torture: Uncovering the Unimaginable in Junko Furuta’s Story

This chilling tale is about a 17-year-old Japanese girl named Junko Furuta that was kidnapped, raped, and tortured to hell for 44 days and then murdered with brutality by four men in 1988. The girl’s body was found in a concrete drum, and the murder trial followed, which was dubbed “the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case.” There … Read more

Japan Ranks First On Henley List For World’s Strongest Passport In 2023

Workers with aspirations to students all have suffered from travel restrictions due to the Covis-19 disease that claimed across the globe over the last two years. Now the epidemic is fading as the world gradually increases its travel options. Henley Passport Index considered the most original and reliable ranking of all world’s passports, has published … Read more

12 Japanese Zodiac Signs And Their Personality Traits

The Japanese system of astrology, called the junishi, originated from China approximately 1300 years ago and is just one of the numerous elements of Japanese tradition shared with the Chinese. Did you find your Japanese Zodiac Sign? Japanese Zodiac Jushini is an homage to 12 creatures (Ne, Ushi, Tora, Usagi, Tatsu, Hebi, Uma, Hitsuji, Saru, … Read more

10 Most Common Japanese Surnames Along With Their Meaning

The little-known fact is that before the Meiji period (1868-1912), people of all ages in Japan didn’t possess surnames. These titles were only reserved for those in positions of authority, noblesse, or with exceptional artistic abilities. Family names Around 100,000 named families are within Japan. More than many Western nations and greater than neighboring Korea … Read more

10 Most Valuable Japanese Cars Brands

Japanese cars have reached the top of global auto rankings due to their quality and reliability. Toyota, Honda, and Mazda are famous Japanese automobile manufacturers that have won the hearts of motorists across the globe. The luxurious Lexus and the sexy Infiniti are among the latest and most costly models. There are many more Top … Read more

Narita Airport Has The World’s First Capsule Hotel Within An Airport

Are you in need of a nap before you fly? Airports have couches and chairs with cushions; however, Narita International Airport is a bit more comfortable in its hotel in the airport. If you want to rest well, you can stay in the airport capsule hotels created by the famous capsule hotel chain for nine hours. This hotel … Read more