Studio Ghibli Park Releases Renders Of New Attractions Including Howl’s Moving Castle

Landscapes from Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, and Kiki’s Delivery Service will be recreated at the Studio Ghibli theme park.

Anime and film enthusiasts worldwide are excited for the opening of Ghibli Park, which will take place on November 1. But, as wonderful as that day will be, it will only be the beginning of the Studio Ghibli theme park‘s complete array of wonders.

Ghibli Park‘s five distinct zones account for this, each with its opening date. On November 1, Ghibli Park’s Grand Warehouse, Dondoko Forrest, and Hill of Youth zones, which make up just over half of the park’s total area, will open. The others, Mononoke Village and Witch’s Valley, will have to wait a little longer, but to keep us entertained, Studio Ghibli and the government of Aichi Prefecture have released new concept images of the park’s final two sections.

The first destination is Mononoke Village, which, as the name implies, immerses guests in Princess Mononoke’s universe. This 1.98-acre region recreates Emishi Village, where we first meet male hero Ashitaka, and Irontown, the outcast colony governed by Lady Eboshi from the anime. According to the designers, the ironworks area would have an educational experience aspect and a traditional charcoal burner’s hut.

Meanwhile, Howl’s Castle can be found in Witch’s Valley, where any magic-users are ostensibly welcome to make their home.

The multi-story reproduction of the mobile magical mansion will stand 16 meters tall and have 289 square meters of floor space. Visitors are free to take a look inside, where the designers promise that we’ll get to see Howl’s bed quarters, though supporters aren’t so convinced about a kitchen.

Witch’s Valley will be the park’s most significant area, measuring 2.9 hectares. Hatter’s Hat Shop, another Howl’s Moving Castle-themed attraction, will take up that space, while Little witch Kiki’s childhood home will represent kiki’s Delivery Service. This Guchokipanya bakery has been dubbed “Witch’s Home,” which may or may not refer to her renting room after moving out of her parents’ house.

Ghibli Park’s restaurant will be located in Witch’s Valley, and given the artistry that has gone into Studio Ghibli’s depictions of its in-anime meals, as well as the loving care that has gone into the food and drink offered at the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, Ghibli Park’s restaurant is likely to be a crowd-pleasing appeal in and of itself. The park’s Witch’s Valley and Mononoke Village regions are scheduled to open one year after the park’s initial three zones in the fall of 2023.


Source: Soranews24

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